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I deliver digital products with a focus on video. My experience spans UX and Production, and recently I've been leading teams on digital strategies for media organisations.

Zanzibar Film Festival

Mar 2010 | Designer | Developer

As part of our Africa10 roadtrip, we'll be volunteering at Ziff in July. They needed a new website, and as 'Head of Media and Public Relations' I was the man for the job

Africa Guestbook

Feb 2010 | Designer | Developer

A project Laura and I have set up to list lovely places to stay in south east Africa. Throughout our travels we've always been frustrated by the lack of comised online listings for the kinds of places we (and our mates) want to stay. This is our attempt to fill the gap.

Sky Player - 2ft

Jan 2010 | Producer/PM

For 2 years I owned the Sky account at AllofUs, where we were entrusted with strategy and user experience on Sky's online Live and On Demand service, Sky Player. We were involved at all levels, across multiple platforms, but at its core was the website which we led through 3 month iterative Agile releases and several redesigns.

WGSN fashion website

Jan 2010 | Producer/PM

WGSN, for those outside the fashion world, are one of the biggest trend aggregators around, meaning they collect and predict fashion trends. Their massive subscription-only website needed a full redesign, and we were brought in by technical partner Thoughtworks for the job

Speaker at UPA

Oct 2009 |

Steve (UX and AllofUs wingman) and I were invited to speak at the Usability Professionals Association. The event was ambitiously titled "Sky and the Future of Online TV", and as a result was sold out with members from the BBC, Channel 4 and even Sky themselves (maybe we knew something they didn't...) all giving us a grilling.

Sky Player - 10ft

Aug 2009 | Producer/PM

With 10ft meaning anything displayed on TV, our Interface team at AllofUs went about developing UI guidelines for the Sky internet service to be rolled out on Xbox, WMC and a number of upcoming IP TV platforms. My job was to navigate requirements from Sky (service) and Microsoft (platform) to pull together an "extraordinarily well designed interface"

Sky Songs

Jul 2009 | Producer/PM

When it was announced that Sky were to launch a music service, AllofUs were brought in from the outset to develop a concept and interface. Again, we worked in an Agile environment, meaning creative direction was often done in person within the team. We were proud of the response, though the product hasn't been without its difficulties as it treads new ground between retail and subscription models.

Shakespeare Schools Festival

Jun 2009 | Designer | Developer

SSF is the UK's largest youth theatre festival. Their website needed registration forms, hundreds of school user accounts and integration with social networks to keep teachers and students involved. I chose Drupal as the engine, with dozens of modules for a feature-rich site. And a spit and polish on the design.

Eurosport Player

May 2009 | Producer/PM

AllofUs were commissioned to overhaul the Eurosport online Live and On Demand website. Our concept was a single window site with the video centre stage to emulate the TV experience. Ambitious in scope, we set a long-term vision for their product which will be rolled out over the next few years.

Bowles Volunteering Brazil

Apr 2009 | Designer | Developer

A new initiative that offers gap years for grownups, I was asked to develop the brand and website. I went for a grungy, earthy feel that might appeal to travellers, and built on Drupal

The Honeytrap

Mar 2009 | Developer

Porfolio website for a graphic designer who wanted a fairly complex Flash site, loading in images and text via XML with stacks of tweening and animation to really push my actionscript skills. All pretty ambitious.


Jan 2009 | Designer | Developer

The podcast I've been running for over 2 years, with mixes from a range of different DJs and styles. I play out as Pookie Wonder

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